Ultra-high purity gas delivery system

Greenfield Crystal Production Facility – Portland, Oregon

Ultra-High Purity Gas Delivery System for Greenfield Crystal-Production Facility IS International was contracted to provide the control system for a greenfield plant using thin-film deposition techniques in order to grow extremely high-value crystals. The project was located in Portland, Oregon. The UHP Gas Delivery System included six types of pressurized and liquid gases, including hydrogen, […]

Group of business executives standing together

Siemens Woman-Owned Partner of the Year

IS International Services, LLC is honored to be recognized by Siemens Corporation, Inc. USA as their woman-owned partner of the year for outstanding and distinguished support. IS International was chosen out of 20,000 vendors in the power generation division to receive the award. On October 5th 2019, President Samah Moussa and General Manager Al Dimassi […]

Engineers in a room discussing PCS7 training

PCS7 Custom Safety Training

In March 2018, IS held a custom PCS7 training class for its engineers joined by few select clients at our facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The class focused on PCS7 Network Topology design and implementation in hazardous and with safety rated hardware and software development approaches. The following were covered during this training: PCS7 guidelines for […]

$180 Million Greenfield Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

IS International Services, LLC executed a turnkey project for process automation, instrumentation and systems integration for a medical device manufacturing facility in Athens, Georgia with an approximate total cost of $180 million dollars.   IS was tasked with the engineering, software development and procurement of instrumentation, PLC, HMI, panels and additional equipment.  IS also developed and […]

Construction Machine Digging

$1.2 Billion Greenfield Tire Manufacturing Plant

IS International Services, LLC successfully completed an I&C and Systems Integration project for a new tire manufacturing facility in Greenfield, South Carolina.  IS provided design, engineering and field services for the control of the plant’s power house systems to include pump house and curing controls. IS’ Summary of scope included: Develop Functional specifications Instrumenting the […]

3D electrical design for a project in peru

2D & 3D Electrical Design for Project in Peru

IS International was tasked by an important client with the electrical design of a large crusher system located in Peru.  The client requested for IS to take over the project and perform the design and installation details to include contract drawings.  IS had three months to finish the design and construction drawings. IS took on […]

PCS7 system expansion design for an oil refinery

PCS7 System Expansion for Oil Refinery

An oil refinery had an obsolete resin process control system based upon Modicon PLCs and Intellution Fix 32 SCADA system.  The resin system conveyed pellets to the manufacturing lines that made packaging products. IS was awarded the project to upgrade the controls to utilize Siemens PCS7 Distributed control system. IS’ scope included the following activities: […]

Electric power station

235 KV Capacitor Bank Upgrade for WAPA

WAPA in the state of Arizona provided IS with a very challenging and interesting project. WAPA has two capacitor banks located in Arizona which had a serious failure preventing operation of both banks.

Circuit diagram

VA Hospital in Orlando, Florida

Central Energy Plant for VA hospital Campus. Over 20M Watts available from Caterpillar Diesel Engine Generators for Emergency situations. 85 sections of Siemens medium voltage switchgear customized by Industrial Power Systems.