PCS7 system expansion design for an oil refinery

PCS7 System Expansion for Oil Refinery

An oil refinery had an obsolete resin process control system based upon Modicon PLCs and Intellution Fix 32 SCADA system.  The resin system conveyed pellets to the manufacturing lines that made packaging products.

IS was awarded the project to upgrade the controls to utilize Siemens PCS7 Distributed control system.

IS’ scope included the following activities:

  • Design the PCS7 system architecture including networking to include:
    • One Main Server
    • Two Operator Workstation Clients
    • One Engineering Workstation Client
  • Re-write the control system by utilizing Modicon PLC programming documentation as well as utilizing client provided sequence of operations. The system was divided into three sections:
    • Program the rail car unloading system with data exchange between the other systems. The rail unloading system conveys the resin pellets from rail cars and sends them to the distribution storage silos.
    • Program the distribution / storage silo system to keep resin pellets in the correct silos
    • Program the distribution silo system by conveying the resin pellets to silos that are above each one of the manufacturing lines.
    • Design, program and configure a recipe system so operators can enter recipes per the plant’s production requirements.
    • Program data exchange between the PCS7 system to client’s existing MES
  • Commissioning and start-up of system enhancements
  • Provide system documentation and customer training


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