Circuit diagram

VA Hospital in Orlando, Florida

IS recently successfully completed a large SCADA project at VA Hospital in Orlando, Florida  

This project size exceeded 24,000 I/O’s and 500 HMI screens.  A large SCADA system integrating many different controls systems and brands of smart devices/power meters.   All of these systems were integrated into one seamless platform. The main challenge included the phased implementation and addition of the different parts of the hospital over time. The Generators and switch gear were designed, programmed, tested and installed first followed by the hospital, then the clinic. Finally the parking and misc. systems were added over the duration of 3 years. The main database and system software  was well designed from the onset to be flexible and able to take on all of the additions and modifications without negatively impacting the operation of the hospital.

The following were included in our scope:

  • Central Energy Plant for VA hospital Campus
  • Over 20M Watts in critical power available from Caterpillar Diesel Engine Generators for Emergency situations
  • 85 sections of Siemens medium voltage switchgear customized by Industrial Power Systems
  • GE RX3i PLC Controlled with redundant master controllers and 10 individual controllers
  • SCADA is Wonderware-based with redundant servers and 6 operator stations
    • Close to 10,000 tags
    • Over 24,500 I/O’s
    • Over 500 screens
    • Over 250 devices networked utilizing Modbus/ Modbus TCP protocols
    • Power meters
    • Protective relay
    • IP Cameras
    • Caterpillar Generator Controllers
    • Woodward governors and synchronizers with load sharing
    • ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches

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