3D electrical design for a project in peru

2D & 3D Electrical Design for Project in Peru

IS International was tasked by an important client with the electrical design of a large crusher system located in Peru.  The client requested for IS to take over the project and perform the design and installation details to include contract drawings.  IS had three months to finish the design and construction drawings. IS took on the challenge and provided the following summarized services:

  • Technical leadership to the job
  • IS coordinated with our customer and worked closely with the end customer
  • IS gathered the required project specifications and requirements and ensured that the design drawings conform to these documentation
  • 2D electrical design drawing packages were developed for construction
  • The provided 3D project model was large with slow rendering time, so IS partitioned the model to make it quicker and easier to work with
  • IS designed the cable tray and conduit construction design
    • Conduit sizing to optimize combined conduit and cable fill calculation
    • Tray and conduit takeoff report based on model metadata
  • IS Integrated design with fire, phone, data, and DCS systems
  • IS provided personnel accessibility and access review
  • Provided final construction and installation detailed drawings

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