$180 Million Greenfield Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

IS International Services, LLC executed a turnkey project for process automation, instrumentation and systems integration for a medical device manufacturing facility in Athens, Georgia with an approximate total cost of $180 million dollars.   IS was tasked with the engineering, software development and procurement of instrumentation, PLC, HMI, panels and additional equipment.  IS also developed and implemented the SRS, SDS and CSV’s.  At the facility business control layer, IS executed the MES/ERP system interface to the manufacturing floor.

IS was tasked with providing a turnkey solution to for the utilities, ovens and additional process areas listed below. Some of IS’ responsibilities included:

  • Turn key to include instrumentation, PLC, HMI, installation, commissioning and start-up
  • Instrumentation procurement
  • Gas monitoring system design, procurement and installation
  • Scouring system design and implementations
  • Safety panels design and implementation
  • Ovens design and implementation
  • Design and implementation of the system interface to an existing raw material supplier
  • System architecture design and integration
  • Panels design, installation and start-up
  • Integration services
  • Training services
  • MES services
  • Development of SRS, SDS, CSV
  • Execution of CSV’s

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