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235 KV Capacitor Bank Upgrade for WAPA

WAPA Government in the state of Arizona provided IS International with a very challenging and interesting project. WAPA has two capacitor banks located in Arizona which had a serious failure preventing operation of both banks. In addition, the S5 Controller controlling the banks lost its programs and there was no back-up for the programs. The scope of this upgrades project include:

  • Initiated the engineering walk down
  • Scavenged documentation and deciphered the rest
  • Brainstormed the customer to develop the sequence of operation for the Banks.
  • Mobilized a prep team to identify and label the entire system that was to be modified
  • Design teams worked in tandem designing the new system and developing conversion plans while the other team developed the PLC code.
  • Split the banks controls and provided one Siemens S7 controller per bank for more reliability.
  • Engineered a new protocol to interface new to old.
  • Performed multiple layers of testing at IS facilities and then invited WAPA team to witness the testing.
  • Performed system installation

After successful field commissioning of the new system configuration, both capacitor banks went on line on time and without incident.

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