Engineers in a room discussing PCS7 training

PCS7 Custom Safety Training

In March 2018, IS held a custom PCS7 training class for its engineers joined by few select clients at our facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The class focused on PCS7 Network Topology design and implementation in hazardous and with safety rated hardware and software development approaches. The following were covered during this training:

  1. PCS7 guidelines for safety rated applications
  2. Safety code development practices VS process code development practices
  3. Code segregation
  4. IEC61511 Compliance
  5. Safety blocks and code segregation proper practices
  6. When and how to properly communicate between Safety and process code
  7. Safety Matrix best practices
  8. Protecting Safety code from unauthorized users
  9. Tracking changes made to safety code
  10. Safety hardware design and configuration
  11. Best practices for OB setup in a safety AS
  12. Profinet vs Profibus protocols

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