Electrical Design Services

IS continuously invests in technology in order to better serve our clients’ needs. Our engineering team is equipped with multiple design application software platforms for our electrical design services, capable of rendering projects in 2D or 3D.

We offer rapid turnaround for electrical design services specializing in pre-construction engineering to aid electrical installers with the conduit, wiring and raceway installation. Our services drastically reduce rework in the field minimizing non-conformance costs associated with electrical system installation errors.

Our in-house engineering team developed automated design tools to coordinate between design drawings, instrument wiring diagrams, electrical drawings and the Cable Management System. These tools reduce the overall drawing development time while providing excellent product quality, enabling our team to deliver projects with tighter schedules and lower costs for the customer.

IS electrical design services:

  • Build plant 3D models with virtual navigation capabilities
  • Build 3D equipment best fit models for ease of installation in tight spaces
  • Provide detail installation design for construction
  • Cable and conduit routing and schedule
  • Conduit, conduit rack, cable trays, and electrical raceway design
  • Raceway collision detection and avoidance
  • MCC design
  • Control and energy management cabinets design and installation
  • Conduit and cable tray sizing and conduit fill
  • Cable sizing and optimization
  • Voltage drop validation and short circuit analysis
  • Cable management system to support conduit and wiring installation, site installation status and inventory tracking
  • Pre-construction engineering services for electrical installation
  • BIM Services
  • Shop drawing creation and installation drawings in 3D
  • Pull box-sizing and fabrication drawing design

BIM Design

Our BIM design methodology has been utilized in many of our projects to layout plant design drawings to create a project virtual environment facilitating a “real world” design environment to encompass all trades.  This approach of simulating the build prior to complete construction dramatically reduces design conflicts, errors, collisions, and redesign.  The online navigation of the certified plant design capability facilitates better coordination among various design phases and guarantees design clearances. Our BIM models export to Navisworks and AutoCAD easily to allow interface with our customers and other trades working on the same project. Using our unique design process, we were able to achieve the following benefits for our clients:

  • Improved design accuracy
  • Faster design process
  • Reduced confusion at construction stage due to easy to understand, 3D isometric views of electrical drawings
  • Faster resolution of difficult design situations due to better visualization of  overall project design
  • Automated, highly accurate data extraction
  • Reduced engineering and overall project costs