Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Integration

With the challenges associated with the diverse array of controls platforms available and potentially deployed within a facility, it can be difficult to collect production-related data while ensuring systems are compliant.

IS excels at MES integration and implementation across a variety of control platforms and industries.  We are capable of integrating these platforms into a seamless system meeting and exceeding the customer requirements.

Such a challenge requires extensive experience from the shop floor to the top floor.  Our engineers possess the expertise to help our customers transmit and transfer timely information from the manufacturing shop floor to their business control rooms.

IS MES Integration Services:

  • Feasibility and cost analysis for budgeting and corporate approval
  • Process and process control analysis
  • Lead management of change, involving the customer’s engineers, operators, maintenance team and line owners and get their input
  • Instrument, controls and equipment safety analysis
  • System design and data security protection
  • Shop floor data control and retention design for data integrity and loss prevention
  • Compliance for regulated industries: Title 21 CFR Part 11
  • Industrial network design
  • Provide outcomes by design to secure data quality and integrity from the shop floor to the business control layer