Legacy System Migration

Industrial controls equipment, like most things in life, go through maturity cycles.  Companies realize that system failures attributed to process control equipment poses significant risks to the overall viability of the business operation.  These businesses know they need to provide a comprehensive strategy to upgrade and retrofit their controls platforms.  IS possesses vast legacy and modern controls platform knowledge to fill the gap between older systems and those that are the latest technology.  Our engineering team will assist your organization by conducting brainstorm sessions, walk downs,  network and system architecture reviews and develop overall migration plans.

Underlying legacy issues surface when:

  • Manufacturer support and/or spare components are limited or nonexistent
  • Controls engineering knowledge and support are challenging to find
  • The local expert at the plant is retiring soon and a replacement cannot be properly trained
  • Replacement parts prices drastically increase
  • Equipment failures increase outside the acceptable limits with negative impact on operations and end products
  • Maintenance budget spending becomes unsustainable


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