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Our hardware design capabilities are summarized as follows:


  • Plant/site walk down

  • As-built existing systems, I/O wiring, controllers, and more

  • Development of hardware specification required to define project/system scope for grass-root projects

  • Detail designs and assembling of the cabinets and I/O layout

  • Detail designs of marshalling or interface cabinets and interface systems

  • Design of control room layout and HMI and network topologies

  • Riser drawings for system communication, cabling and connection requirements

  • SAMA drawings

  • Connection requirement for processors, HMI and I/O

  • Development of documentation for system purchase

  • Assist in system and vendor selection processes


IS software design team has many years of process and information system experience in the different focus industries to provide our customers with an optimized experience when developing the software specifications or writing and testing code. Our software design experience is summarized as follows:


  • Extensive industrial specific process control know-how and process strategies

  • Develop software programs per the requirement of specifications

  • Each software module testing individually

  • Performing integration testing

  • Efficient and experienced in performing factory acceptance testing and customer acceptance testing

  • National and international commissioning and start-up experience.

  • Working as a stand-alone team or embedded into customer's design team

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